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We are here to believe what you are experiencing and to help you....

We are a non-profit organisation.. we do not charge our clients for our services

About us

 We are a paranormal investigation team based in Hastings,East Sussex.  Our team is made up of members who have all had their own Paranormal experiences.  We use various skills and equipment to attain evidence to prove or disprove a haunting. Our aim is to help people understand what they are dealing with, and help them to bring closure to the situation. If we find evidence that there is a haunting, and what type of haunting it is, we will do our best to explain to our clients what they are dealing with. Understanding is half the battle, and if required we will  try to remove any problem spirits.



Our equipment

We have all the latest up to date equipment.
Full spectrum cameras that see in every spectrum of light.  Infared cameras that see in the dark.  Digital cameras to capture photographic evidence.  
Thermal imaging camera that takes pictures in temperature and normal at the same time.
EVP recorders and Spirit boxes to capture vocal evidence.
EMF detectors, Vibration sensors, Temperature change sensors,  Motion sensors and proximity sensors. All of which makes it difficult for something to get past us unnoticed.

Haunting types

There are various types of Hauntings, our job is to work out which you have so we know how to deal with it.

The first is an Intelligent Haunting, this is a presence that can communicate and interact with its surroundings. It is aware of you and everything around.

Secondly there's Residual Haunting, the most common and reported haunting. they are not aware of you and changes in their surroundings, hence reports of ghosts walking through objects. although these could be a presence constantly living on not knowing it has died, it could also be like a recording of a traumatic event.

Thirdly there's is Poltergeist activity (noisy ghost), they are known for making noises and moving objects, in most cases this happens around a teenage girl going through puberty, but not in all cases. 

Then there's Demonic, this starts of very much like a poltergeist, making banging and scratching noises. It will then excellerate it's activity to the extreme. These are intelligent and malevolent. They are evil and should not be taken lightly as they mean you harm, mentally and physically.